Ramadan Calendar of 2012 with Sahr and Iftar Time Schedule and 2013

07:36 pm04:12 am11 July1
07:35 pm04:13 am12 July2
07:35 pm04:13 am13 July3
07:35 pm04:14 am14 July4
07:35 pm04:15 am15 July5
07:35 pm04:15 am16 July6
07:34 pm04:16 am17 July7
07:34 pm04:16 am18 July8
07:34 pm04:17 am19 July9
07:33 pm04:18 am20 July10
07:33 pm04:18 am21 July11
07:32 pm04:19 am22 July12
07:32 pm04:20 am23 July13
07:32 pm04:20 am24 July14
07:31 pm04:21 am25 July15
07:31 pm04:22 am26 July16
07:30 pm04:22 am27 July17
07:30 pm04:23 am28 July18
07:29 pm04:24 am29 July19
07:29 pm04:24 am30 July20
07:28 pm04:25 am31 July21
07:27 pm04:26 am01 August22
07:27 pm04:26 am02 August23
07:26 pm04:27 am03 August24
07:26 pm04:28 am04 August25
07:25 pm04:28 am05 August26
07:24 pm04:29 am06 August27
07:24 pm04:30 am07 August28
07:23 pm04:30 am08 August29
07:22 pm04:31 am09 August30
7:26 pm4:22 am11 July1
7:25 pm4:23 am12 July2
7:25 pm4:23 am13 July3
7:25 pm4:24 am14 July4
7:25 pm4:25 am15 July5
7:25 pm4:25 am16 July6
7:24 pm4:26 am17 July7
7:24 pm4:26 am18 July8
7:24 pm4:27 am19 July9
7:23 pm4:28 am20 July10
7:23 pm4:28 am21 July11
7:22 pm4:29 am22 July12
7:22 pm4:30 am23 July13
7:22 pm4:30 am24 July14
7:21 pm4:31 am25 July15
7:21 pm4:32 am26 July16
7:20 pm4:32 am27 July17
7:20 pm4:33 am28 July18
7:19 pm4:34 am29 July19
7:19 pm4:34 am30 July20
7:18 pm4:35 am31 July21
7:17 pm4:36 am01 August22
7:17 pm4:36 am02 August23
7:16 pm4:37 am03 August24
7:16 pm4:38 am04 August25
7:15 pm4:38 am05 August26
7:14 pm4:39 am06 August27
7:14 pm4:40 am07 August28
7:13 pm4:40 am08 August29
7:12 pm4:41 am09 August30

Different Major cities of Pakistan’s Ramadan calendar for 2012 with Sahr and Iftar time schedule is listed below alphabetically. All timings of roza are according to respective city and its surroundings.
Both Sehri (closing time) and Iftari (Opening time) schedule and ramzan calendar (Fiqa Jafria & Fiqh Hanafi) for said respective cities are listed as Pakistan Stranded Time (PST).
Eid and First Day of ramadan are subject to sighting of Moon in Pakistan.
Click on link listed below and DOWNLOAD your city Sehar Aftaar Calendar:
NOTE:PLEASE ADD 21 Minutes to mentioned time.(for every city) feedback is welcomed. 

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  1. soo nice of you.. thanks... May Allah Bless you this kind effort..

  2. Karachi timings are not correct, we had sehri at 4.29am but it says 4:08!

  3. Jazak Allah,
    Please add 0:21 Minutes to all the above timings.

  4. very nice blog and the very nice articles that you have posted the sir.thanks for the sharing.

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  6. Kuch kam to sahi kar liya karen bhaii sahab


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